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Ang mangagaw (Euphorbia hirta) usa ka sagbot nga sagad masagol sa balili, hiyunghiyong, ug uban pang kasagarang sagbot/tanom.

Ang dahon sa mangagaw kombinasyon sa berde ug lila nga bulok. Gagmay ang punoan niini nga may berde usab nga bulok. Tabunon ang punoan duol sa gamot niini. Ang iyang mga bulak dili sama og bayhon sa kasagarang mga bulak nga dunay mga gihay kun petal. Lingin kini ug may berde ug lila nga bulok ug nagpatong sa punoan sa tanom.

Ang mangagaw gigamit sa Kabisay-an ug Mindanaw isip tambal sa dengi.

Laing pangalan niini mao ang tawatawa.


Dengue, which is found in tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world, and predominantly in urban and semi-urban areas, are considered a major international public health concern.

Until now, dengue vaccine is still not available. For western medicine, treatment for dengue is supportive and all you need to do is pray that the dengue victim is strong enough.

Dengue fever is a disease cause by dengue virus. The virus is usually transmitted by the mosquito known as Aedes mosquito. Symptoms are fever skin rashes muscle and joint pains. If an attended it may progress as dengue hemorrhagic fever (which may lead to severe hemorrhage) and dengue shock syndrome (where a very low blood pressure can cause organ dysfunction).

The treatment is either oral or intravenous rehydration for mild or moderate disease, and intravenous fluids and blood transfusions for more severe cases. The increase in dengue cases is very alarming in fact government has an information campaign to prevent the spread of this disease.

In provinces or mountatin barangays people use some alternative medicine to combat this disease one of these is using the tawa tawa plants that said to help cure hemorrhagic fever. Although it is still not accepted by medical practitioner the spread of this information is unstoppable due to the fact that synthetic medicine and hospitalization is very expensive.

Tawa tawa plants grows in wild and abundance it is an attended by the people until it is discovered to help cure dengue fever. The procedure is very simple boiled the whole plants (including roots), in 5 minutes then give it to the patient.

In information gathered data most of the affected patients are children so anytime you’re kids suffer a fever. Don’t waste time to give them boiled tawa tawa.

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