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RMN DZXL 558 Metro Manila

RMN DZXL 558 Metro Manila Live Streaming

DZXL (DZXL 558 kHz Metro Manila) is an AM station owned and operated by Radio Mindanao Network in the Philippines. The station's studio is located at the 4th Floor, Guadalupe Commercial Complex, EDSA Guadalupe, Makati City, while the transmitter is Located at Brgy. Paco, Obando, Bulacan. DZXL now operates 24 hours a day except on sundays where it signs-off at Midnight, and except Holy Week of each year, where it signs-off from Midnight of Maundy Thursday until 4 am of Easter Sunday.

DZXL History

The modern DZXL started as DZHP, then associated with Philippines Herald in the '60s. In 1975, The fully automated classy music station DZHP became a drama-personality and adopted a new call sign – DWXL. The call letters lasted until 1987 when it changed again to its present DZXL. (Note that the "old DZXL ID" was owned by the Lopezes but the station was closed by President Marcos in 1972). The "new" DWXL/DZXL programming was formally launched in 1977 with a great line-up of soap opera and radio personalities. The “drama” segment was eight hours daily starting at 9am. Among the best know talents were Luz Fernandez, Matutina, Tony Angeles, Augusto Victa, Lito Legazpi, Myrna Rosales, Kris Daluz, Vangie Labalan, Mario O’hara, Fundador Soriano, Joey Galvez, and more. These pool of top-rated drama talents was the source of power and strength of dramas and “tele-serye” of DZXL. This was made possible because of Wilfredo "Baby" Camomot, then Vice President of RMN. He orchestrated the drastic changes of RMN nationwide programming format from “classy” to “drama-personality” targeting the grassroot audience. The remaining hours of the 24/7 broadcast time was focused on personality and news.

The pioneering anchors/announcers were spearheaded by Fiorel Salvo with the late Johnny De Leon's "side-kick", Ngo-ngo (of Bataang Matamis fame). Others were Al Mendez, Nick Mendoza, Jun Recafrente, Ely Cruz Ramirez, et al. During the '80s, Mel Tiangco, Jay Sonza and Bobby Guanzon came on board. In early '90s, Rod Navarro signed in. The current anchors are listed below. These anchors/personalities were fully backed up by News Reporters whose names appear below.

At the start of the '80s, the political climate in the country was changing drastically. The president’s health was deteriorating and the uneasiness and continuous anti-government rhetoric from those opposing the system was increasing. Hence, to cater to the changes, the station slowly refocused its programming to news and current affairs. News personnel were increased tremendously. Field Reporters units were created. Max suquit was hired to head the department. Programs like “Over-A-Cup-Of Coffee” by Ka Doroy Valencia and “Manu-Mano” anchored by Fiorel Salvo dominated the airwaves. All other personality programs were loaded with up-to-the minute news reports. “Breaking News” were heard first from DZXL. The station was also first to use an amateur radio group “Tiger Civic Action Group” to assist in the live traffic reports from the field covering the metropolitan Manila area morning until afternoon. Another civic group “Voltax” composed of ordinary taxi drivers helped in the midnight public service program anchored by Ely Cruz Ramirez. Another pioneering program was Fiorel Salvo's “Job Match” which have been honored to help and assist in the safe overseas and local job hunting of the jobless workforce.

For over 50 years now,RMN remains committed to give the people real public service and true up-to-the-minute news.RMN is home to renowned broadcasters: Jose Mari Velez, Harry Gasser, Jay Sonza, John Susi, Rod Navarro, Raffy Tulfo and many others.

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